8 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona: A Guide for Parents

My family loves to eat out and we try to keep our lifestyle as close as possible to the days before we had children. We don't want to let having kids hold us back from enjoying the incredible local restaurants in the Scottsdale metro area. We use a babysitter for fancy steakhouse dinners, but prefer to take the kids whenever possible. I know how difficult it can be to go out to eat with kids, especially anxious young children.

While they may not have ticket-dispensing sets, I prefer to support local restaurants with adult-oriented menus. I've put together a list of places we frequent regularly, not only because the food is amazing, but they're also fun for parents and kids. All of the restaurants listed below have an area that allows children to get out of their seats and play. Every time our little ones are not forced to spend an hour tied to a high chair, they are obviously much happier. This also makes it instantly more enjoyable for parents.

Here are eight local restaurants that are fun for every member of the family. Family restaurants are ideal for families with children, but I think those families need to remember that not everyone who eats at those restaurants has children. There are many different types of families and everyone who pays to enjoy a meal has the right to enjoy it. If a family restaurant has a play area, that's great. If not, it's rude and selfish on the part of parents to let children run around the restaurant without supervision or discipline.

And if a baby screams, parents should take him outside until he stops crying. It's not true that when you have children you can continue to live the same lifestyle. Their lives are different now and young children will benefit greatly if they learn to behave and be respectful to others, while also trying to enjoy their meals. If parents are not willing to teach this to their children, takeaway food is a great option for them. Are you looking for some family-friendly restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive guide of some of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Scottsdale that offer delicious meals and fun activities for all members of your family.

Hash Kitchen

Hash Kitchen is one of the most popular family-friendly restaurants in Scottsdale.

There are five Hash Kitchens in and around Scottsdale, so you can easily find one near you. We ate at the one in the old town of Scottsdale, and arrived just after the breakfast crowd and just before the brunch rush hour. Time is key if you want to eat here; Hash Kitchen doesn't accept reservations and the word has spread about the quality and quantity of the food. If you arrive during prime time, wait for them to give you a table.

From French toast with Banana Split brioche to chicken and waffles and pancakes at S'Mores, there are plenty of options at Hash Kitchen you'll love. To enjoy more substantial dishes, create your main courses from the Farm & Craft “create your own bowl” menu with options such as Brussels sprouts with bacon, mushroom and artichoke farrotto, and Harissa cauliflower. To drink, opt for lavender lemonade.

Craft 64

Craft 64 is another great option for families looking for kid-friendly restaurants in Scottsdale. This wood-fired artisanal pizzeria offers 36 local Arizona craft beers on tap, wines by the glass, and a comfortable neighborhood atmosphere.

The restaurant sources its own products, dairy products and meats from the area and makes its own mozzarella cheese and fresh dough by hand every day.

The Pink House

This family-owned bubblegum pink restaurant and ice cream shop has been serving up treats in Scottsdale since 1958.

Provence Marinaside

Born in Provence (France), well-known and respected restaurateur Laurent Halasz brings a wealth of culinary knowledge to the Valley's food scene. It's not easy choosing a place to eat in Scottsdale, Arizona, a gastronomic oasis in the Sonoran desert with so many options available. Cindy Richards, a frequent traveller, headed to this family-friendly restaurant after a morning of kayaking on the Salt River, but she felt right at home even with her slightly damp kayaking equipment.

Dining out in Scottsdale with the family doesn't mean you're relegated to fast food restaurants with ball pools. You'll find a healthy range of kid-friendly restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona that cater to even the most demanding diners. If you're looking for some additional restaurant recommendations, check out these previous posts from Scottsdale Moms about restaurants with healthy meals for kids, as well as restaurants that offer kids free food. So if you're looking for some family-friendly restaurants in Scottsdale where everyone can have fun while enjoying delicious meals, these eight restaurants are sure to please!.

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