Private Dining Rooms in Scottsdale, Arizona: An Expert's Guide

Are you looking for a special place to host your next event in Scottsdale, Arizona? Look no further! There are plenty of restaurants that offer private dining rooms for any occasion. From the Garden Room at Ocean 44 to the Verdigris Room at Mowry & Cotton, and the J&G Steakhouse, you'll find the perfect spot to make your event memorable. Olive & Ivy, The Canal Club, Etta - Scottsdale Quarter, Citizen Public House, 301 Scottsdale Oven, El Chorro, Fat Ox, and The Americano Restaurant all provide private dining rooms. The Garden Room at Ocean 44 is the most intimate of them all, seating up to 18 people.

It features two beautiful windows with twinkling trees just behind and privacy curtains and glass walls that can be opened or closed depending on your needs. If combined with the Camelback Room, it can accommodate up to 48 people. The Verdigris Room at Mowry & Cotton has floor-to-ceiling glass doors with views of the patio and pools located beyond. It also has beautiful barn-like doors that allow the party not to be held in the restaurant to create a more intimate atmosphere.

A large wall of glass bottles and high ceilings make the space feel open and inviting. The J&G Steakhouse restaurant has several inspiring locations to choose from for your next meeting, designed to create a memorable dining experience at any size. As an expert in event planning and hosting, I can confidently say that Scottsdale offers some of the best private dining rooms in Arizona. Whether you're looking for an intimate setting or a larger space for a larger gathering, there are plenty of options available to make your event special.

From the Garden Room at Ocean 44 to the Verdigris Room at Mowry & Cotton and the J&G Steakhouse, you'll find a private dining room that will make your event one to remember.

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