Unique Restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona: Enjoy Outdoor Activities and Entertainment Along with Delicious Dining

Are you looking for a unique dining experience in Scottsdale, Arizona? With over 800 restaurants across the city, many of which are independently owned, there is no shortage of options to explore. From The House Brasserie's tented courtyard to Hash Kitchen's festive atmosphere, here are some of the best restaurants in Scottsdale that offer outdoor activities and entertainment along with delicious dining. Olive & Ivy is one of the most popular patios for eating in the area. Located next to the Arizona Canal, diners are surrounded by trees and umbrellas providing shade. The atmosphere of the French Riviera adapts to the Mediterranean menu.

Start your visit with one of their specialty cocktails, such as a margarita from their list of 13 options or a Bellini made with Napa Valley white peach puree and prosecco. Don't forget to order the Guacamole Neighborhood - your waiter will cut the avocado right next to your table and add the ingredients according to your instructions. Relax in The House Brasserie's tented courtyard among the candles and trees, and you'll feel as if you've traveled to the French countryside. Scottsdale's oldest pine tree, planted in 1943, provides shade and a touch of history. The House uses local food sources and fresh ingredients to create delicious, globally inspired dishes. Hash Kitchen is a lunch and lunch spot throughout the day and throughout the week that serves booming tunes, fun drinks, and a festive atmosphere.

Scottsdale is the most popular American destination for bridal showers, so it's not uncommon to see some parties celebrating the bride at Hash Kitchen. Enjoy their 16 martini options or 16 other cocktails - there's something for everyone!The Mission's original location is right in the old town of Scottsdale, making it the perfect place to take a break from the heat. Its name is inspired by the historic Old Adobe Mission church, with which it shares a building. The restaurant is run by revered local chef Matt Carter, who also owns Zinc Bistro and Fat Ox.

The Mission represents cuisine from all areas of Latin America - you'll find dishes you probably haven't tried before if you're not Latin American. Chula Seafood is making some of the best punch I've ever had in the continental United States. You can also find other classic dishes from the coast, such as fish tacos, clam soup and French fries with 26% fish. Chula Seafood owns their food supply from start to finish - they fish sustainably off the coast of California, near the headquarters of their wholesale fishery in San Diego County. Citizen Public House is an unexpected gem in old Scottsdale. The name evokes the image of a casual brewery, but it's actually a more elegant place that creates chef's versions of the dishes most of our parents served when we were young.

Citizen Public House perfectly balances the line between stylish and fun - it's elegant because of the white tablecloths, dim lights, and French cooking techniques but also informal thanks to the lively conversation that fills the room and whimsical style of its dishes. Brat Haus has one of the coziest beer gardens in Arizona with 28 craft beers on tap. Enjoy their outdoor patio combined with delicious food and genuine hospitality of friendly waiters while playing yard games such as throwing bags, ping pong, darts or life-size Jenga. Brat Haus is also a dog-friendly area - so be sure to bring Fido along for fun. Finally, don't miss FnB restaurant - one of the most exclusive restaurants in Scottsdale. It has earned countless awards including a James Beard Award and mentions in just about every national food publication you can name.

FnB was also the first restaurant to select a list of 100% Arizon-produced wines. After planning which unique Scottsdale restaurants to visit, complete your itinerary with my other travel guides.

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